• Our mission

    Improve the quality of basic education and learning environment for children based in a public school in the Philippines.

    Although access to primary education has significantly increased in the last couple years in Bogo, prevailing problems are the lack of furniture and access to basic health to ensure a healthy educative environment. We promote access to health and to a safe and hygienic environment for the children to live and learn in.

    Additionally, to focus on those two main aspects, NGITI seeks to improve the efficiency of already existing, but insufficient support services in early childhood care centers, preschools, and primary schools.


    The children attending the Bogo Central School III are aged between 3 and 12 years of age and unfortunately, do not have the voice or the means necessary to reach out to you. NGITI ensures their voices echo. Through NGITI actions, the resources recolted are directed towards the tools asked from the school. We believe in the potential of people to empower themselves and to improve their situations by themselves. The teachers, nurses, and students are fighters and only need so little to win the battle.


    "Education empowers children by allowing them to take their future into their own hands"

  • Project 2018

    NGITI assures that with the recolt of fund of 2000 euros the following objectives will be reached:


    Provision of School Furniture to All Students

    About 60% of the students, from kindergarten to grade 6, can't financially provide themselves with paper and notebooks, crayons, pens, pencils, for the upcoming school year (2018/2019).


    Build 2 Kindergarten Classes

    NGITI will assure that a concrete floor is installed and that the classes benefit of all the tables, chairs and black boards necessary. Instead of having 40 pupils in one class, the school will be able to accommodate 20 pupils in separate classrooms which is indispensable for the best learning for the children.

  • Why NGITI?

    NGITI means smile in Filipino. Through this association, our aim is to bring smiles to these kids faces.

    NGITI's team couldn't be happier than when seeing the students of Bogo Central smile.

  • How did it all start?

    Volunteering and fundraising project in 2015/2016

    "Two years ago, I spent two months volunteering in a Kindergarten class at Boga Central School III, Philippines."

    You can find an article on her initial volunteering experience in 2015 here.


    "Saying that this trip was life-changing barely covers it. Taking care of such generous kids and being able to put a smile on their face made a big difference in the way I see life and made me put things into perspective.


    Following my first stay in Bogo, I decided to launch a fundraising platform to make a real change. Thanks to the donators, 3600 euros were collected; the school was supplied with furniture (chairs, tables), school stationery for all the kids (pens, pencils, notebooks), 3 TV and one projector, recreational games, sport material, clothes and shoes."

    . Here is the complete report.

    NGITI believes that it is necessary to ensure that ALL help would directly benefit the school and the children. Therefore, for each project launched NGITI will share full reports.


    Noemie Schiever

  • The Birth of NGITI



  • Project 2017: The Outcome

    Thanks to the 2016 Project, the first aim of the association, which is primary education, has been fulfilled. A year later, NGITI returned to Bogo Central School III to ensure that the school and its students benefit from basic health supplies (toothbrushes, soap) and a safe healthy environment. Leaning towards medical help was a priority to ensure that there were no more health issues concerning unclear water and risks of dengue.


    The project was a success! After 2 months and the hard work of 8 carpenters, 7 toilets have been built in Bogo central School 3! In addition to the toilets school supplies for the 2500 kids have been distributed.


    NGITI association would like to thank all the donators that made this project possible, 5000 euros have been raised to provide these infrastructures to ensure a health support for the students. We would also like to thank all the teachers and the principal of the school for their continued support. Children were so happy with the result. It is a small difference but such a big help for the community that has been very thankful.

  • Help the kids of Bogo Central School III

    to have a ccess to a

    better education

  • Who we are

    Board of Trustees

    Noémie Schiever


    Three words that describe me: generous, dynamic, positive. A quotation which suits me: "Expect the unexpected"

    Shiela Marie Fontanoza


    Three words that describe me: optimistic, committed, engaged

    A quotation which suits me: It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ( Albert Einstein)

    Philippe Schiever


    Rotche Pevida

    Coordinator of mission in the Philippines

    Fella Boulazreg

    Coordinator of Communication

  • Become a Member

    Everyone can become a member, contact us by telling us your name and email and we'll guide you into the procedure to follow. Thank you for your interest in our project!


    If you need any additional information, if you are interested to help us, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Our partners

    American International School of Budapest

    We are honored that the American School of Budapest, and a group of 20 kids are working with us to raise funds and help Bogo central School 3.